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Product Marketing - Product Marketing Alliance EPISODE 39, 26th March 2021
Product Marketing Insider | Abdul Rastagar, Talkdesk
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Product Marketing Insider | Abdul Rastagar, Talkdesk

On Insider this week we had a fascinating chat with Abdul Rastagar, GTM Leader and Marketing Author. Abdul explains how he made his way into product marketing, shares insights from his must-read book ‘Up Your Game’ and how it came about, common pitfalls PMMs stumble into, where he thinks the role can improve, his visions for the future, plus heaps more. 


"When I first got into product marketing, it wasn't that common, it's grown a lot since then. It was a bit of a suggestion from somebody, I was a Marketing Manager and they said, 'You know what, you think differently, you might actually make a good product marketer'. And I thought to myself, what on earth is a product marketer? What do those guys do?"