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430. Morgan Harper Nichols on Creating from the Heart, Connection Through Art & Her Autism Diagnosis
Episode 43027th May 2021 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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This week’s guest, Morgan Harper Nicols, has been on the Almost 30 dream guest list for years. K + L are huge fans of her Instagram, @morganharpernichols, which immerses you in an enriching tapestry of words, images, and music. In a world of doom scrolling and self-comparison, it’s a rare joy to find an account that nourishes you on such a soulful level. 

Morgan discusses how she distills her unique creative language and vision – informed by her inventive childhood, music career, inner-child, and love of nature – onto a screen and how she connects with her audience in a meaningful way. She talks about evolving as an artist and how her inner development led to her book, How Far You Have Come, a visual and literary retrospective on the vastness of human experience and growth through the lens of place. 

We also talk about:

  • Creating your story
  • Morgan’s creative upbringing and influences
  • How spirituality influences her practice 
  • Online boundaries and showing up authentically and respectfully to her online community 
  • Connecting to the inner child through play
  • Her creative evolution 
  • Adult autism diagnosis and lifestyle changes 
  • The inspiration behind her new book 

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