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S2E27 - How to Avoid Time Consumption in Creating Effective Episodes
Episode 279th August 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: “You are the storyteller of your brand. You have a voice, and your story matters because we know you have a deep purpose in healing one person at a time.”

As the cliche saying goes, time is gold. If you are a business owner, a podcaster juggling multiple projects, you can agree that time is indeed crucial. 

You know that it can be emotionally and mentally draining if you are consistently getting stuck in deadlines, meetings, and tasks. And, as podcasters, it can get exhausting that your creative juices get put on hold, and you end up pausing producing episodes. You are not alone, and we've all been there. 

Take this episode as your sign to take a break and remember that you have to keep going because you have an essential voice to share. Let's deep dive into some tips that can help you avoid time consumption and create substantial episodes that will resonate well with your listeners as you achieve your goals and advocacy. 

Listen to Episode 27 of The PodCash Show and learn how to create episodes efficiently while avoiding the burnout of time management.

Don't forget to share this with your family and friends so they can pick up a thing or three in producing podcast episodes.

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 2:30

  • If you have been podcasting and releasing weekly episodes and feel you're exhausted, getting some rest is fine. You can set expectations with your audience about what's going on and why you are taking a break.

Kai 4:08

  • If you allot time to create an episode content, you're putting yourself in that zone of genius. You are extracting that creative juice that will help you create content intentionally.

Kai 6:23

  • Please don't assume that what you think is what your audience needs, and you have to hear it directly from them. That's one of the keys to how you can create great content that deeply resonates with them. 

Kai 9:30

  • You're the most important person in your business as a business owner. And you can't afford to get distracted all the time because it will eat your time and your energy. 

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