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EP 32 - Martin Adams: "Good business is basically understanding culture"
Episode 325th March 2021 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Martin Adams, Founder of Codec joins Andy and Dominic this week on Business Without Bullsh-t to talk about how Codec’s cutting-edge AI and Deep Learning technology is enabling them to help companies gain a better understanding of their audience's cultural behaviour through the content they interact with. Fascinating and smart to say the least. But the focus wasn’t just on plugging Codec.

The three went deeper and spoke about the nefarious side of Ad Tech fraud (those cheeky Russian gangsters!), the ever-evolving alliance between government and Big Tech; will we even need governments as public service providers in the future when the tech industry is doing a much better job? and the truth behind the Games Stop fiasco, an indecent which clearly exemplified the power of harnessing online communities to create seismic change in the “real” world.

In fact, so much valuable ground was covered in this conversation that we thought why not deliver the goodness indigestible portions? so expect to hear more from Martin about his top 3 business trends, plus some sage advice for future entrepreneurs, later this month.

In the meantime, pull up a chair, press play, and get stuck into this week’s serving.

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