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Food Planning for Runners Part 2
Episode 965th May 2022 • She Runs Eats Performs • Runners Health Hub
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Today we are covering Part 2 of Finding time for Food Planning for Runners. You may remember that in E92 we discussed the first 3 steps of “how to find time to fit in food planning” and we also talked about why food planning is so important for runners.


1. STEP 1 Discover your FOODIE planning personality (I’m always intrigued to find out what peoples planning personalities are!)

2. STEP 2 Make Healthy Choices (that was where we all created a short list of healthy meal choices)

3. STEP 3 Make a Plan – we chose a 2 days to put our plan into action

4. STEP 4 Be prepared

5. STEP 5 Commit to action

The steps are a simple process to help you food plan in a quick and easy way. We also suggest that you download our FREE E-book to accompany these 2 episodes.

It’s a simple process we designed for YOU to get used to taking the steps towards having a healthy runners food plan, without it being a big deal, we know you’re busy, you probably have lots of priorities, but we also know running is a priority and so we imagine that enjoying your running and recovering well is also a priority and that is why we always end every episode by saying “don’t let nutrition be the limiting factor in your running performance”.



Step 4 – being prepared.

To ensure that you are prepared, you'll need to shop for the essential ingredients for your chosen meals.

Now this step really is about creating a shopping list or checking maybe that you already have the ingredients in stock.

So look at your two day menu plan that you created in step two and write down a list of the food and ingredients that you require.

Listen for TIPS on how to create your shopping list and personalise it so it saves you time.


What did Karen discover when she did her shopping list?


Step 5 – Commit to Action!

So here we go commit to action, which really is about doing your shopping, and then actually cooking and eating your meals. So planning and timing, really, go hand in hand, you need to create time to plan, then your plan will save you time. Now creating time is what will help you be successful and reaching your goals. So on this final part of your challenge, plan your time for your food shopping and preparation.


How and where to shop. Karen and Aileen share their food shopping plans.


Planning time for Food preparation in advance or on the day. It’s important to plan time to prepare, cook and eat, it’d be a shame if you didn’t make time for the final step. If you’re short of time to prep and cook find out about our healthy fast food styles of meals.


Listeners Q&A

Anne loves the idea of food planning but what should she do if she fancies eating something else on the day and then risks wasting the food she’s bought. Listen to hear our feedback.

Kay batch cooks at the weekend, and finds by mid week she has run out of food so tends to eat off plan – what organisational and time saving tips do we share?

Della has a busy work life, she sometimes forgets to eat which drives her towards fast unhealthy choices – what do we suggest.

Other questions we answer:

I've got a busy family life and I find that my stop running snacks are eaten by the rest of the family. Have you got any tips?

I like the idea of our fallback menu plan, or some go to meals, what would you suggest?

I've got very repetitive diet and I’m not a good cook how can I get more variety?

Why do I have to add what type of run and when I’m runniNg on the menu planner. What is the reason and benefit?


Key Take Aways

Our Vision for the 5-STEPS is that once you’ve practiced them, you’ll be able to seamlessly do the STEPS – easily. You’ll have cut out any resistance and procrastination around healthy food planning and have found time to plan so that is no longer a reason or excuse for you not to have a runners nutrition plan.

Having a healthy food plan in place promotes



• IMMUNE HEALTH (really crucial post covid)

• HORMONE HEALTH (key for women)

• MENTAL HEATH (we need a healthy food plan to promote our mood and mindset)

We want you to prioritise your runners food plan so that it is as important and easy as putting on your running shoes.

Finally, please if you haven’t already downloaded your ebook – please do so …here. It’s also on our website

When we do the live training we usually do a FREE PRIZE DRAW at the end to win a recipe book so what we thought we’d do this time is do a draw including anyone who downloads the ebook by the end of May 2022 and we’ll make an announcement. We usually let the winner choose from a list of our favourite books and we’ll post it to you.

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The suggestions we make during this episode are for guidance and

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