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Journey from corporate grind to launching TV Show with Debra Koerner
Episode 3014th November 2020 • Success Inspired • Vit Müller
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My guest today is a founder of and an Emmy-nominated television producer who currently has two shows, Senior Moments and the Journey into Wellbeing airing on PBS. She is a keynote speaker, published author and television host. 

She is a successful business woman with variety of milestone both the corporate and entrepreneurial landscape. Examples including increase in customer satisfaction resulting in millions of dollars in gross revenue through systemised customer experience platform, consulting for wellness brands 

Her latest start-up is WELL WORLD TV. With this modern network, Debra hopes to improve everyone's health by sharing educational and inspirational content designed to motivate positive change.

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  • (00:00:04) - Introduction of my guest - Debra Koerner
  • (00:02:29) - Debra's entrepreneurial story, power of customer satisfaction feedback and good systems in business
  • (00:10:37) - Transition from the corporate grind in to wellness
  • (00:13:33) - Vit shares his story how he arrived to Australia and worked his way up
  • (00:17:25) - Application of business principles from big corporate to massage franchise
  • (00:22:30) - Why Debra decided to start her own TV Show
  • (00:38:13) - All about the Well World TV
  • (00:45:50) - Ways to monetize your content withough losing creative controle
  • (00:48:36) - Importance of presentation skills on video
  • (00:50:22) - Toughest moments Debra had to go through when starting her business.
  • (00:52:15) - How does Debra keep her self at her best
  • (00:53:10) - Looking to start a business? Here is advice from Debra
  • (00:53:53) - Special offer for the listeners 

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