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Is writing a book on your list? Learn how to use intuitive writing - Interview with Lauren Sapala
Episode 1529th May 2020 • Beyond the Hustle | The Happy, Wealthy and Free Entrepreneur • Lydia Sophia Wilmsen
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In this episode I interview Lauren Sapala, a writer and writing coach. She has written the book "The INFJ Writer", which is a writing guide for intuitive introverts, HSPs, empaths and all other sensitive, struggling artists.

It was an amazing interview!

Lauren shared her inspiring story, how a teacher told her she would never be a good writer, how this had held her back from her desire to write for decades and how crisis and breaking free from alcohol addiction connected her with writing again.

We talked about intuitive writing and how to overcome writer's block, plus how to approach writing when it comes to intuitive, INF personalities and highly sensitive people?

And much more.

You can connect with Lauren through her website:

Her Intuitive Writing course video, which is on sale for $50.00 through June 1st 2020: 

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