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Success IQ - Geoff Nicholson 10th October 2016
Intro to the show
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Intro to the show

During this show Geoff Nicholson the host of the show shares with you the format of the show, what you can expect in the upcoming episodes and his personal journey in suffering from debilitating illness including mental health conditions and how this experience shaped his journey to this point and why he is now passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and other high achievers to reach their high potential in life and business.

If you would like to email him a question or request a topic then please send your emails to podcast@geoffnicholson.co.uk.

To find our more about Geoff Nicholson you can visit his website www.geoffnicholson.co.uk

You can also follow him on the following social media sites

Twitter: @gncoach
acebook: geoffnicholsonuk
YouTube: geoffnicholsonuk
LinkedIn: geoffnicholsonuk