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Future of Agriculture 057: Diversity and Inclusion in Agriculture with Marcus Hollan of the Cultivating Change Foundation
14th June 2017 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Today’s guest grew up in Mariposa, California and has viewed the world from different lenses as a youth through the 4-H Youth Program. Marcus Hollan attributes his distinctiveness and success to his involvement in such programs when he was younger which allowed him to embrace the diversity of others and understand the importance of inclusion in a community. Marcus is one of the founders of the Cultivating Change Foundation, an organization that elevates and values the LGBTQ community within the agriculture industry.

In today’s episode, Marcus talks about the roles that diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity play in the workplace - especially in agriculture. As the chief learning officer of Studio 5, Marcus also shares the organization’s goals, the business case for promoting agriculture, and how the corporate equality index has become a significant tool to know more about how open a company is to embracing racial, cultural, religious, and gender orientation differences.


“There is also power in recognizing our differences; in celebrating and honoring who we are.”  – Marcus Hollan


This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast:

  • Defining diversity, inclusion, equality, and equity
  • What people want - equality versus equity
  • Why you should ask purposeful and intentional questions
  • What inspired Marcus to launch Cultivating Change Foundation
  • The goals of the foundation
  • Challenges Marcus faced in starting Cultivating Change
  • Defining the corporate equality index and its function


Join us at the 2017 Cultivating Change Summit!

On June 21 to 23, the third annual Cultivating Change Summit will take place in Sacramento, California. Learn from the excellent speakers, fantastic workshop presenters, and the 8-people panel that will tackle the future of agriculture through the lens of diversity and inclusion as they come up with plans of actions as to how we can better serve the agriculture industry.

Be a part of history-in-the-making by checking out Cultivating Change Website today!


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