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The NSP Nutrition Show - Understanding Rep Schemes And Why Arman Thinks Counting Calories Is A Huge Mistake!
Episode 44th October 2021 • NSP Nutrition Show • NSP Nutrition
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Welcome to episode #4 of the NSP Nutrition Show!

In this episode, Arman and Frank discuss how your reps influence your results and also why Arman doesn’t recommend you count calories. 

In this episode, you will discover: - 

  • The optimal number of reps to do if you want to build more muscle 
  • How ‘time under tension’ influences muscle growth and how you can incorporate it into your training 
  • What you must do to ensure you continue making progress and don’t hit a frustrating plateau 
  • Why a calorie ISN’T a calorie  
  • How foods with the same number of calories have very different effects on your body 
  • How to lose body fat even if you don’t track calories
  • The diet revealed by science to be the most effective for melting your stubborn and unwanted body fat 

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