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Maximize Momentum
28th March 2020 • Social Skills Coaching • Patrick King
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Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes but don't quit. - Conrad Hilton

This is the chapter that assumes you can now occasionally kick your butt into action. You can achieve blastoff sometimes—perhaps not consistently, but you can do it when you put your mind to it. Obviously, this is something we want to improve upon.

How can you make it easier to always spring into action when you want? This is the concept of momentum—when you can create less resistance to your first step and make your second and third steps flow easily thereafter. Momentum doesn’t necessarily depend on your mindset or thoughts. It actually hinges more upon your environment, your planning, and the ways that you set yourself up for success or failure. It’s how you are able to make the right choice time after time. Willpower and self-discipline won’t always get you there,but you can design your life to create and maximize momentum.

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