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Leading a High Speed, Low Drag Life with Eric Gates, USMC (Ret.)
8th October 2021 • Veteran Voices • Supply Chain Now
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Compressing any life’s journey into a single conversation is hard under normal circumstances and becomes much more difficult when the person has worn so many different ‘hats’ or uniforms. Each of those roles shapes who the person is and the reason for making each choice is a wonderful way to learn more about them.

Eric Gates is the Founder and CEO of Devil Dog Coffee Company as well as a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a retired officer from the Austin, Texas police department. When he lost a dear friend to an active-duty shooting, he turned to alcohol for support. AA helped him realize that alcohol was not the solution he needed, and so he went to seminary and was ordained so he could minister to others. After serving the community by working in alcohol and drug treatment centers, he remembered the horrible coffee he used to drink during AA meetings and founded the Devil Dog Coffee Company. Today he makes a living by selling a beverage that literally saved his life.

In this episode of Veteran Voices, produced in partnership with Vets2Industry and sponsored by Buyers Meeting Point and Dial P for Procurement, co-hosts Monica Fullerton, Founder and CEO of Spouse-ly, and Scott Luton speak with Eric about:

• The power and vulnerability associated with accepting that sometimes difficulties are too much to handle alone

• How much we all have in common – regardless of what walk of life we come from

• The ways in which freedom and creativity go hand in hand, growing stronger along the way

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