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Becoming an Addiction Recovery & Psychedelic Integration Coach with founder of Being True to You, Deanne Adamson - 34
Episode 343rd September 2021 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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What does it take to be a psychedelic integration coach? What core competencies do transformational coaches need to cultivate and what kind of training do people need to support people with the integration of their psychedelic experiences? 

Deanne Adamson is the founder and president of Being True To You, an online transformational coaching organization that has certified over 800 holistic addiction recovery and psychedelic integration coaches since 2010. Deanne's ‘Transformational Recovery’ model extends support across one's greater journey of healing and growth, helping people integrate psychedelic experiences to ensure lasting results. 

In this episode, Deanne shares her journey and how she found herself birthing her company Being True to You. She talks about the nature of addiction and how it’s really not what people think. We also talk about the importance of cultivating your own guiding principles, core values, moral compass, and core competencies for integration coaches, as well as what people should know before moving into this space, We also touched on her take on some of the more controversial topics, and we also touch on the bizarre reality of censorship.

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