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Tax 'em Where it Hurts, Double Standard of White Terrorism, & Matt Bruenig, People's Policy Project
Episode 129th July 2020 • New Left Radio • New Left Media
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This week we look at a new policy paper from the Broadbent Institute on the need for a wealth tax in Canada, we discuss Resource Movement, a coalition of Millenials & Zoomers in the top 10% begging the government to tax them. Then we look at the attack on Rideau Hall and attempt on PM Trudeau's life and discuss the double standard of white terrorism and the political messaging that's to blame for motivating such violence.

We'll spend some time w/ guest Matt Bruenig, Founder of the People's Policy Project, a crowd funded socialist policy think tank, co-host of the podcast The Bruenigs, and contributor to Jacobin, Salon, and many others. Matt explains that socialist policy isn't presented to those in government because it doesn't work, it's because corporate interests won't donate the dollars to have the research done.