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Climate change and health
19th February 2014 • Knox Pods • Knox County Public Library
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You may be sick of hearing about climate change, but it might also be making you sick. Dr. Agricola Odoi, University of Tennessee Associate Professor of Veterinary Medicine thinks about the impact of climate change on health as analyzed in Changing planet, changing health: how the climate crisis threatens our health and what we can do about it by Paul R. Epstein in this Brown Bag, Green Book program.

“Paul Epstein, a physician, and Dan Ferber, a journalist, team up to discuss relationships between changing climate and changes in the occurrence of different health problems through stories of real people from different regions across the globe," Dr. Odoi says. The author explores the connections between global warming and cholera, malaria, lyme disease, asthma, and other health threats. Most importantly, the book offers innovative solutions for shaping a healthy global economic order in the twenty-first century. (Recorded May 16, 2012)