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089 | The Business Of Swearing
Episode 8917th August 2021 • The Brand Lounge • Tammi Heals
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In this episode, Tammi is joined by Nici Gorman - the sweary spiritual coach, mentor and healer at her business The Fck It Therapist.

Together they delve into the often taboo subject of swearing as a choice in your brand language, the role it plays and how it helps or hinders business growth. They explore the purpose of swearing in modern language and the societal conditioning that dictates people's reactions.

Listen in as they discuss cultural differences and levels of swear words and the difference between written and verbal cussing.

This one is for you if you are interested in the impact of language choices for your brand.

The Guest:

You can find Nici and her alternative approach to honest therapy online here:

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