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Talking Beaver Themer, Community And Growth with Robby McCullough WPCP: 153
23rd June 2017 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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Beaver Themer was the initial reason I asked Robby to come back on the podcast (of course representing the Beaver Builder team). This was my second 'three-peat' guest on the podcast and I couldn't be happier that Robby McCullough joined me to represent Beaver Builder for the third time on the show. Needless to say, we talked about Beaver Themer, but we also talked about the amazing year and journey that the Beaver Builder team (and company) has gone through. I couldn't be happier for them, their success and the amazing community that has grown from one simple idea. The simple idea to streamline the site building process. Questions I Asked Robby Congratulations on the 3 Year Birthday of Beaver Builder! Super exciting! What's changed for you guys since the first interview we did? Can we talk a little bit about the partnership with GoDaddy? How did that come about? The Beaver Builder Community is pretty amazing, how does that make you guys feel to see such a strong community that has grown from your product? How many downloads have you guys had of both plugins (the free & premium)? Let's talk Beaver Themer. Can you explain to the listeners what Beaver Themer is? What are the best uses for Beaver Themer? How long was Beaver Themer in the making? Next is the new UI for Beaver Builder, when is that coming out? What You're Going to Learn Why the Beaver Builder team started with a premium product and then released a free version The changes they made to the plugin specifically to incorporate it into the GoDaddy on-boarding process How the Beaver Builder Facebook community was started (shout out to Dave Toomey) What the Beaver Builder team thinks about the third party ecosystem that has evolved from their product Who they've followed for inspiration to grow their support and ecosystem What Robby's thoughts are on pricing in the WordPress space How they've grown with the team What's coming with the Builder 2.0 Where to Connect with Beaver Builder Website | Facebook Group | Twitter Links from this episode Beaver Builder Beaver Themer Beaver Lodge PowerPack for Beaver Builder Ultimate Beaver Addons Beaver Builder Swag Store