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Ep. 30: From Relationship Smackdown to Power Couple Partners w/ Ani Manian
Episode 309th August 2021 • Aligned Attraction • Lee Noto
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Hey sister!

Are you a high-achieving, badass woman who has created success in your career, but can’t seem to crack the code on love? Perhaps you’ve found yourself in dysfunctional relationship dynamics, repeating unhealthy patterns over and over again, or attracting the same kinds of men that don’t feel like a fit…

This was exactly my story for years!

I couldn’t figure out why I was repelling the men I was interested in, why none of them wanted to commit, and what I could do to change all this...

It wasn’t until my relationship with my now partner Ani, where I was thrust into the relationship smackdown of my life, full of the most challenging conflict AND the deepest breakthroughs I’ve ever experienced. 

Buckle up, because in this episode, we spill the beans on some of our most challenging moments and how we ultimately figured out how to transform our conflict into connection.

What you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How our relationship dynamics with our parents led us to create dysfunctional patterns in all of our romantic relationships, including our relationship with each other
  • The core beliefs each of us held that kept us from creating a healthy, functional relationship + kept us stuck, frustrated, and feeling like we wanted to give up on relationships altogether
  • How we used each other and our relationship to resolve the core wounds from our childhoods that was ruining our relationship
  • Radical reframes that will completely shift how you view yourself and your partners, so you can create a relationship by design vs. recreating old, unhealthy patterns
  • The exact methods we used to overcome our deepest relational struggles and create the power couple partnership we have today


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