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From Heart Failure to Heart Hero: A Journey from LVAD to Transplant Success
Episode 589th July 2024 • Open Heart Surgery with Boots • Boots Knighton
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Hey heart buddies, this episode is truly extraordinary. Try to imagine plugging your heart in at night to keep it beating. Yeah, I can't imagine it either. I say this often when I have the honor of interviewing heart transplant recipients and this time is no different.

Allow me to introduce you to Christian Jousset. Christian, after facing a daunting heart failure diagnosis in 2015, navigated a world of medical treatments, surgical procedures, and life-saving devices (say hello to the heartmate 3/LVAD that kept Christian alive!). He is now thriving post heart transplant!!! Christian's story is a testament to unwavering resilience and personal growth. Christian candidly discusses his mindset shift, the importance of support groups, and his exciting new goals, including writing a book and coaching others. This episode guarantees to captivate your senses and provide valuable lessons in overcoming adversity. Christian highlights the profound strength and boundless potential within us all. Thank you, Christian, for your willingness to share your story with the world.

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The following gene likely contributed to Christian's need for a new heart: TTN titin [Homo sapiens (human)] - Gene - NCBI (

About Christian Jousset: An effective bilingual communicator, I take pleasure in seeing everyone succeed. I strongly believe in everyone's potential and strive to help them discover their strengths and abilities. I have over 30 years of international experience with an organic approach and connection to my diverse participants or clients. I have held various positions in continuing education in higher education, in management in the catering industry, as well as in HR and customer services in the medical and sports industries, focusing on group management and consulting for the realization of international projects. What I observed and retained was the potential of the people I met, as well as the need for constant motivation and positive, constructive leadership.

Professional experience: Nike (European headquarters Netherlands), Angiodynamics (New York and European headquarters Amsterdam), Concentrix (Customer Service Amsterdam), Rouen Business School (NEOMA), CESI/EXIA (Rouen region), Taste Catering New York, Potel et Chabot Catering New York, Peet's Coffee and Tea (San Francisco), the French American International School (San Francisco)

**I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Be sure to check in with your care team about all the next right steps for you and your heart.**

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