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How Do You Define Success?
Episode 618th March 2021 • Travel Biz CEO • Travel Biz CEO
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How do you define success?

Oftentimes when we hear “success” stories in the travel industry it is referencing a qualitative number - high sales, high number of IC’s, etc. 

We argue that the only person that can really define what success is for you, is you!

It is easy to compare your numbers to someone else and feel unsuccessful. In this episode we walk through some strategies to help you determine what success means to you. 

The first question would be: How do you determine what success means to you?

First - it’s time to start daydreaming, baby. Pull out that vision board and go to town. What do you want for your life? Is it a bungalow? Maid service? Fancy car? More time for yourself and family? Enough money to travel? What does that travel look like? 

Another way to look at it is to define your perfect day. What does that look like?

Bottom line: There are a number of factors at play when it comes to defining success. 

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