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How NFTs are On the Way to Capturing Significant Economic Value with Jesse Krieger
Episode 9913th July 2022 • The Capital Club • Brian Adams
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Jesse Krieger is the Chief Content Officer of where he helps authors, artists, and creators leverage NFTs, social tokens, and digital asset strategies. Jesse is also the founder & publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, the "Publisher for the Passionate".

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Key Highlights:

[00:01 - 19:20]  NFTs are More than Simply Digital Tokens

  • Jesse shares how he had been an entrepreneur in his entire life starting from the music industry to dropshipping, and much more.
  • NFTs have their value in fixed form and people may not own a fraction of it. In addition, what’s inside of NFTs can be anything. This space allows for royalty income without the middlemen.
  • NFTs are more than simply digital tokens in your wallet - it allows for value-adds and collaboration.
  • Jesse discusses how NFTs are similar to internet adoption. Eventually, it will capture more economic value.

.[19:21 - 40:11]  Join the NFT Community and Be Informed

  • helps tokenize content creators’ existing business model. Join the community to get to know more about NFT.
  • Those listening to the episode can claim free tokens upon registering to!
  • The global changes trigger investors to be risk-averse, resulting in a down market.

[40:12 - 43:41] Closing Segment

Connect with Jesse and join the community to get started on your NFT journey!

Key Quote:

“If you're creating or buying NFTs, you're looking at - Am I joining a community? What's going on there? What's been happening recently? what's coming up next? What is the value-added of being in that can I make connections that will help me in other places?… There is a lot of cool features and value around what the NFT gives you access to more so than what it is just as a digital token in your wallet.”

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