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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 14th July 2020
Magic and Emergence- Treating Teenagers • Rebecca Avern • Qi156
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Magic and Emergence- Treating Teenagers • Rebecca Avern • Qi156

Can you remember in those first couple of years of puberty when your senses began to quicken and a new world began to open up and you started to question your place in the unfolding this world?

Adolescence is a glorious and often troublesome ripening and as with so many aspects of our lives these days... it’s medicalized as pathology instead of being seen as a series of dress rehearsals for the challenges the world will ask of us in the future. 

Acupuncture can be tremendously helpful teens navigating this phase of life and for their parents and families and as well, as medicine does not see kids separate from the family in which they live. 

Listen in on this conversation with Rebecca Avern on using acupuncture to treat adolescences. 


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