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Episode 74-Matthew Brackett-Nurturing Leadership in the Family
Episode 7417th May 2024 • Bringing Education Home • Kristina & Herb Heagh-Avritt
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Episode 74-Matthew Brackett-Nurturing Leadership in the Family

Matthew Brackett

Matthew is the 10th of 13 children from small town New England. With a rich 30-year voyage in personal, professional, and intercultural leadership development, Matthew is considered to be much more than an executive coach. Imagine him as a human Swiss Army Knife, being the go-to consultant, coach, and confidant for high-performing influencers who want to balance personal and professional realms: leading better, loving better and living better. A passionate promoter of the human essence, Matthew offers conferences and workshops regarding many areas of leading human beings and a healthy and wholesome manner, creating desired culture, and embracing the beauty of diversity.

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