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THE142: Ask The Right Questions, Take The Right Actions to Succeed
Episode 14215th December 2019 • The Hidden Entrepreneur Show with Josh Cary • Josh Cary
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“Why are we here? How can we be happy?”  Those are two questions our guest today believes that we have the answers within us but somewhere we stop trusting ourselves.

Meet Anna Goldstein. A self-proclaimed athlete, coach, entrepreneur, teacher and student. As she puts it: “I am limitless and so are you.”

I personally wouldn’t have believed that a few short years ago, but today I am in full agreement.  I am thankfully living and experiencing that belief of full limitless human potential.

Anna is an NYU Certified Life Coach who earned her BA in Psychology at Penn State University.  Anna was a nationally ranked tennis player and in 2003 she began her career coaching tennis in New York City to beginners, celebrities, and intermediate/advanced players.

Anna believes the answers are within you and when you’re asked the right questions, you will discover the answers that align your actions with your goals. Having clarity of your vision is the driving force behind motivation and action to achieve results.

Welcome Anna Goldstein.

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