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S2E26 - Identifying the Root Cause of your Podcast Roadblock
Episode 2626th July 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: “Delegating gives you freedom, and it gives you room to grow. You can explore and learn more,  improve yourself even more, and connect with people who have been waiting for you for a long time.”

In every journey we take in our lives, expect some roadblocks along the way. It happens in podcasting, and it also occurs in businesses. There will always be challenges, and you must know that there are ways to conquer these obstacles. 

As business owners, you carry a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. It can get unwieldy and drain all your energy away from accomplishing more important tasks, even personal ones. If you let this happen, it can hold you from growing and touching more lives. 

In this episode, I share some tips based on personal experience on how I can minimize becoming overwhelmed with all the duties I need to prioritize and manage in my own business. Let these tips guide and help you focus on your genius and create more room for your professional growth. 

Don't forget to share this episode with your family and friends who are building their own businesses so they can pick up a thing or two in becoming more efficient in their daily lives. 

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Exceptional Highlights:

Kai 4:48

  • Focus on your zone of genius. If you cannot put yourself out there because you are in charge of everything in your business, even the menial tasks, then there's nothing left for you to show up, and you will be exhausted. 

Kai 5:14

  • Follow the 80/20 rule. It means you have to focus 20% of your energy on the significant tasks that you know will give you more and better outcomes than focusing your energy and attention on the 80% that most likely will produce the same results.

Kai 9:25

  • If you had delegated before but failed because they did not deliver that particular level of quality that you are requiring, you still have to try. I encourage you to delegate because it's your business, and you have to expand it.

Kai 11:33

  • Delegation paves the way for different areas of your business improvement, client acquisition, and development of your offer, product, or service. It paves the way in your personal life as well.

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