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Top 10 Fitness Tips for Vegans: Start Strong and Stay Consistent
Episode 414th May 2024 • Vegans Who Lift Podcast • Vegans Explore
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In Season 2, Episode 4 of the "Vegans Who Lift Podcast," hosts Brooke Sellers (Miss Meatless Muscle) and John Thomas (the BodybuildingVegan) share their top 10 fitness tips, emphasizing the importance of starting your fitness journey, progressive overload, and maintaining a sustainable routine. They discuss the benefits of adding salt to your diet, establishing a morning routine, and the necessity of pushing yourself harder in workouts. The hosts also address the significance of calorie and protein intake over merely eating clean and the impact of choosing nutrient-rich foods. Personal anecdotes highlight their fitness challenges and successes, including Brooke's new email newsletter and John's recent personal records in the gym. The episode concludes with discussing the societal expectations of having children, affirming that opting out is valid, and encouraging listeners to join their Vegans Who Lift Coaching Academy for comprehensive support.




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