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Power in the Promise + Skylar Heads for Florida
Episode 1819th August 2020 • Summit Up • Get Level Podcast Network
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We talked about the power of perspective. Remember all those "P" words from the last episode? Well now it's time for the final "P" word that wraps everything together, and that's Promise. Yes, there's power in the promise. God has promised you your destiny. So why do so many people live their lives without accepting it? What's holding them back? We dive into all that on this episode.

Also, hear about Skylar's new journey and the exciting content you can expect from him in the future.

REACH OUT! If you don't have someone you trust to share your dreams, fears, doubts, or even your successes, then tell us. Your dreams are the pathway to your destiny. We agree with you and want to help you realize the destiny God has written for you.



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