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Understanding Your Child's Behaviour
Episode 3719th May 2020 • Parenting with PLAY! • Helena Mooney
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Do you ever wonder why your child does the things they do?
  • Why they are fine one minute, and then hitting their sibling the next.
  • Why they come home and kick the dog.
  • Why they refuse to do what you ask them to do something they were happy to do the day before.

It can sometimes seem to be a mystery. Or it can be proof that they need more discipline - to learn what's acceptable behaviour and what's not.

Alternatively you can think they're behaving that way because it's learned behaviour.Or, you can worry that there's something wrong with your child. Or with you as a parent.

However, in this episode I'll explain what's really going on for your child, so that you can then understand what your child is actually needing.Because it's actually very simple: it’s to do with your child's feelings.

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