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When Tides Rise, Build Your Own Boat: Cessair’s Arrival in Ireland | S3 Ep9
Episode 929th March 2023 • KnotWork Storytelling • Marisa Goudy
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Our Story

Ireland doesn’t have a creation story, but it does have Lebor Gabála Érenn, the Book of Invasions. The first invasion was led by Cessair, a granddaughter of Noah who took her own boat to Ireland to avoid that great Biblical flood.

Our Guest

Carmen is a marketing consultant who works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs. She gives entrepreneurs the tools to cultivate rich and diverse ecosystems where they can thrive. She believes in connecting with your natural gifts—intuition, curiosity, and discernment—to guide the creation of a sustainable business that meets your needs and goals. 

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Our Conversation

  • The big questions we explore in this episode: What stories get told and passed on. What makes a myth “real”? Who are the “winners of culture”? Which parts of civilisation, culture are we meant to rewrite and rewild? Rather than tearing down the master’s house, what if we are meant to build a new boat? Is technology, including artificial intelligence “the next flood”?
  • What’s the source of this story? Scholars say it was conceived to further Ireland’s desire to establish Christianity and a Biblical pedigree, but the myth may have been rooted into something much older: an older goddess or memory of the floods that would have come with the end of the last ice age. 
  • Marisa’s inventions: the reason Cessair and family were not included on the Ark and her meeting with the trinity of goddesses who gave Ireland its name: Éiru, Banba and Fódla.
  • The power of sharing your unique story and art and bringing it through your unique lens in this age of ChatGPT and AI, as entrepreneurs and creatives
  • The stories of navigation and destinations reached and the myths of the rudderless boat, sent beyond the ninth wave to enter a new adventure
  • The way we look at business is like how we look at our gardens. Ecological consciousness, applied to business and marketing, but also to the very practical way we live upon the earth, like choosing plants that are truly helpful for butterflies
  • The work of Mary Reynolds, a “recovering landscape designer,” and author of We Are the Ark. Her work of Acts of Restorative Kindness in order to live in relationship with the earth.
  • Article in the New Yorker, The End of the English Major: liberal arts as a way into so many different ways of knowing.
  • Carmen’s guiding principle, a quote from Gurudev Shri Amritji: “We exist in perpetual creative response.” We remain open minded and open to the moment without judgment and move forward from that place.

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Marisa offers 1:1 coaching for writers & creative entrepreneurs, as well as 1:1 intuitive tarot sessions called Healing for Heroines sessions.

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