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Starting from Scratch and Building Your Business with Melanie Hurley
Episode 3721st October 2021 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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On this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin introduces Melanie Hurley who started her company based on her desire to create a product that could make a difference, help others and ease her mind while painting her daughters’ nails. Melanie founded Piggy Paint in 2008 on her quest for a safer nail polish alternative for her kids. She has since become a serial entrepreneur and launched two other companies - Sophi Nail Polish and Rock the Locks. 

In this episode, Melanie shares her journey as a “mompreneur,” giving us insights on the challenges she faced, the success of her companies and much more.

Episode Highlights

2:42 I think the hardest thing was just trying to figure out how to do everything by myself. 

4:19 In the beginning, I think the motivation for the company was that we put everything we had into it. 

4:51 I’m kind of an “all in” person so when I’m passionate about things, I just go for it. 

9:11 You have to have thick skin, be passionate and eventually you’re going to get a yes. 

12:55 I think that our biggest mistakes are what brought us to this point of success.

17:19 Another piece of it is the “why.” For me, I’m not just passionate about selling the product, I’m passionate about our products. 


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