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66. Julie Wetherby, an adoptee, published author and in reunion with her maternal birth family
24th May 2022 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Like many children adopted in the postwar era in which she grew up, Julie Wetherby has carried the burden of relinquishment and family secrets right through her life. When a powerful call to arms commands her to finally take action, she is faced with a life-changing challenge. Can Julie put off what she always intended to do: investigate her roots? Wheels set in motion, she embarks on a journey that radically alters not only her present life but the way she has viewed the past.Julie’s memoir recounts events chronologically for the most part, assisted at times by cameo scenes of childhood, as well as imagined events based on factual evidence and documented World War Two horrors. Haunted by unsettling disclosures and destructive barriers, Julie soldiers on even when all seems irretrievable. In her quest to pacify a raging inner child, she explores a collision of identities, until, at last, she finds both peace and strength through healing self empowerment.

Julie's website;

Julie's memoir is titled "Identity Reclaimed Echoes of an Adoptee"

Music by Corey Quinn