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The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast - Ben Morton EPISODE 8, 27th September 2020
Episode #008 - Andy Long. CEO, Pentland Brands
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Episode #008 - Andy Long. CEO, Pentland Brands


...to episode number 8 and my interview with Andy Long who is the CEO of Pentland Brands.

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Episode Overview

As Andy says himself in the opening minutes, you’ve probably not heard of Pentland Brands, but you’ll almost certainly have heard of at least one of their brands which include Speedo, Berghaus, Canterbury of New Zealand and Endura…to name a few.

In this episode we dig into the what it takes to become the first non-family CEO of a family run business and how to successfully transition to leading those people who used to be your peers.

We also explore authenticity, humility and servant leadership…which are emerging as strong themes amongst the leaders I’ve interviewed on your behalf. And on top of all that, Andy also talks about the importance of managing your energy so you’re ready for the high impact moments and the need to be appropriately selfish…whilst still being of service to those that you lead.

Enjoy my conversation with Andy Long.

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