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Spice World - Spice World EPISODE 50, 25th March 2021
Dune - Chapter 48 (Part 1)

Dune - Chapter 48 (Part 1)

We did it! We made it to the end of our journey. The battle has been won and now we must divide the spoils. Paul assumes his role as emperor, and Mike and Derek start seeing him in a different light. Hawat makes his final sacrifice for House Atreides. As Shaddam accepts his defeat we get down to negotiations. That is of course until Gurney sees a Harkonnen…

-Don’t tell Gurney

-Not Giaus Helen’s best day

-Historians take Paul to task

-Daniel keeps it local this week

Episode Guide

04:25 Chapter Summary Begins

02:02:35 Was Paul Atreides an historical personage?

02:36:00 Daniels Dune Gazetteer: Arrakis

03:13:20 Distrans


Kim Crawford


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“Destination: Void” by Frank Herbert