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A Sex Worker's Guide to the Galaxy - Parker Westwood EPISODE 14, 9th June 2021
Lena Czura (Part One)
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Lena Czura (Part One)

This episode is the first half of an absolutely fantastic conversation with an absolutely fantastic person! We're talking with one of my greatest sex worker friends, Lena Czura. Amidst much love for one another and a copious amount of laughter, we discuss the importance of community and organizing, what it means to be anti-racist as a white person in the movement against white supremacy, and navigating internalized power structures. Buckle up, folx. It's a real one.

Lena Czura's Links:

Website: lenaczura.com

Twitter: @lenaczura

Instagram: @lenaczura1

OnlyFans: @lenaczura

A Network of Sex Workers to Excite Revolution's Links

Website: answerdetroit.org

Twitter: @answerdetroit

Instagram: @weareanswerdetroit

Things We Mention:

The Body is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

White Awake

PS Group

(I say we name drop a lot of books in this episode, but that's the latter half, so stay tuned!)

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