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Good leadership is being aligned in mind, body and spirit, special guest Lesz Sikorski
18th August 2021 • Soul-Inspired-Leadership • Ross Swan and Antoinette Biehlmeier
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There's a growing body of knowledge that recognises the interconnectivity of the mind and body. Many people spend a lot of time in their own heads thinking rationally, logically in order to deliver results and be happy. What one misses out in this thinking is the whole other part they can utilise. Simply because they aren't conscious about it. It holds one back. It's important for leaders to have their mind, body and spirit aligned so that one can act in the best interest of self.

It's about understanding what is driving one's feelings and emotions. As that then drives the behaviour they show. We don't recognise that it's we, ourselves, who get in our way and sabotage ourselves.

20% of change comes through becoming aware and having greater consciousness. 80% happens through practice which helps to develop core mental muscles. Building mental strength helps us to intercept our hardwired mental response of flight, fight or freeze. Acknowledge them and let them go and then shift the mind to the sensation in the body. Taking it forward means being more empathetic with ourselves and then exploring and innovating around what are the options and ideas that we could use to help with the situation.

Here's where we often mistake sympathy as empathy. Empathy helps you to have a positive feeling about yourself and move forward. Whereas sympathy is feeling sad or agreeing with your feelings. What is critical in understanding all of this is judgement. As humans our biggest saboteur is that we tend to judge. We judge everything starting with ourselves. Using discernment helps take into concern factors to look at the issue at hand.

All of this stems from the mindset one has. A growth mindset enables one to be open or secure in being vulnerable to explore and move forward.

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