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How AI Can Help Nurses Provide Better Patient Care Featuring Rebecca Love of Nurse Approved
Episode 1521st March 2024 • Unlocking The AI Advantage • Ramesh Dontha
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Imagine a world without nurses. Do you even realize what would happen to the healthcare industry? Let's admit it: Nurses play a vital role in the intricate tapestry of healthcare. They are the threads that bind patient care together. Nurses work diligently to ensure every patient’s well-being. 

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With AI apparently on its way to the forefront, many aspects of nursing care will eventually be managed by AI, but human nurses cannot be replaced. Nurses are the ones who can catch subtle changes in a patient’s condition, so there's no argument that we need nurses. But nurses are leaving the profession, and we can't blame them. What can we do?

Today, Ramesh chats with Rebecca Love of Nurse Approved on the critical role of nurses in healthcare, how nurses are innovating and transforming the nursing practice, and how AI can help improve patient care by taking over administrative functions that take nurses away from their patients. 

Nurse Approved is passionate about enabling healthcare companies to leverage the wisdom and insights of healthcare’s frontline professionals–Nurses.

Rebecca Love, RN, BS, MSN, FIEL, is an esteemed nurse executive, renowned speaker, and a prominent figure in the nursing profession. She made history as the first nurse to be featured on, is recognized as one of LinkedIn's Top Voices, and was nominated as one of Modern Healthcare's most influential people in Healthcare.

Passionate about empowering nurses and driving transformative change in healthcare, Rebecca is dedicated to creating innovative solutions, fostering collaboration, and nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within the nursing profession. Her unwavering commitment to advancing nursing practice impacts the industry and inspires nurses worldwide.

In This Episode:

- Who is Rebecca Love?

- What is the nursing crisis?

- What is Nurse Approved, and how does it help solve nursing issues?

- How nurses are transforming healthcare delivery

- The idea behind Nurse Innovation Hackathons 

- How Rebecca is influencing the healthcare industry

- How does the nursing industry view artificial intelligence?

- How AI can transform the nursing practice

- What's next for Rebecca and Nurse Approved?

And more!

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