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Harnessing the power of data intelligence with Heather Wentworth, David Mitchell, and Peter Vennel
Bonus Episode23rd November 2022 • Data Citizens Dialogues • Collibra
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Join us LIVE at Collibra’s DC’22, where we talk about the relevance of data intelligence. We are joined by the 2022 Collibra Excellence Award-Winners: Acceleration All-Star winner Heather Wentworth, chief data officer of Accelerant Holdings; Program of Year winner David Mitchell, senior director of engineering of Cox Automotive; and Collibra Ranger of the Year Peter Vennel, enterprise data strategy and execution executive of Equifax.

How do businesses strike the ideal balance between powerful analytics and ease of use? Tune in to learn how data intelligence can help you solve problems and grow your business.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode:

  1. Learn why these individuals and companies stand above the rest in data intelligence.

  1. Discover the secret to maximizing Collibra.

  1. Unravel the future of data intelligence.


Episode Highlights

[01:54] Collibra Award’s Significance

  • According to Heather, the Acceleration All-Star of the Year award represents the company’s efficient planning and implementation from start to production.
  • David sees the Data Program of the Year award as a culmination of their data strategy and execution efforts. It also highlights their culture of innovation and collaboration. 
  • Winning the Collibra Ranger of the Year award, Peter considers their company’s decision to use Collibra a wise investment. 

[06:47] How They Started in the Field of Data 

  • David was a software engineer before moving into the financial data industry, where he discovered his love for problem-solving and helping customers.
  • Heather shifted careers because of the culture of valuing sizzle over data.
  • Given his professional background, Peter’s transition into the data industry was not by chance. As he continues to work in the field, he hopes to improve its quality.

[13:12] Reduce the Swivel Chair 

  • Instead of focusing on various aspects, it is best to concentrate on system engagement.

David: “As you look at bringing people processing technology together, you’ve got to win the hearts and minds of people to actually get involved in [system engagement].”

  • Learn how to use Collibra’s automation to pull information rather than having people do it.

[14:25] The Secret Sauce 

  • Your team is the key to success.
  • Start-ups have a significant advantage in moving around the data ecosystem quickly.
  • Understand your company culture.

Heather: “​​All of my team have some experience and have seen the [worst of implementations]. I think a lot of that comes to guidance from maybe consulting firms that are not close enough to it or don’t understand the company culture.”

[16:10] Peter’s Ranger Journey 

  • Peter wanted an in-depth understanding of the Collibra process and got his certification after 8 months.

Peter: “There’s no one size that fits all. Every industry can implement Collibra in a different way.”

  • You need to be a domain expert to see the advantage of Collibra quickly.

[18:24] Five Years from Now 

  • In the future, we’ll be able to predict businesses' performance and prevent negative outcomes. 
  • We’ll be able to mine data and perform more automated processing.
  • Automation will be critical in the quick transmission of data from provider to consumer.
  • AIML will be further infused with technical lineage and data quality.

About Heather, David, and Peter

Heather Wentworth is the chief data officer at Accelerant Holdings, where she is in charge of the company’s data strategy and the design and implementation of data intelligence. Her team’s dedication to providing customer-facing solutions that reinvent the insurance experience earned them the Collibra Acceleration All-Star award.

Follow Heather on LinkedIn.

David Mitchell is the senior director of engineering at Cox Automotive. His company's program was named Collibra's Program of the Year. With excellent engineering teams, David builds and operates the cloud-native Enterprise Data Platform, Enterprise Data Marketplace, and ModelOps platform. 

Follow David on LinkedIn.

Peter Vennel is the enterprise data strategy and execution executive of Equifax. He assists organizations in monetizing data as an asset. Peter has worked with multiple C-suite executives and external partners on Strategic and Tactical Data Management and Governance initiatives. He was named Collibra Ranger of the Year.


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