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The Voice of Dog - Khaki 7th September 2020
“Ghosts of Cinnamon and Lavender” by Thurston Howl [18+]
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“Ghosts of Cinnamon and Lavender” by Thurston Howl [18+]

[18+] Three polyam canines in the 80s were a match made in heaven...but Tracker Dog Disease was hell. And the ghosts are coming...

Today’s story is “Ghosts of Cinnamon and Lavender”, originally published in last year’s volume of FANG, by Thurston Howl, who is an editor for Sinister Stoat Press and Thurston Howl Publications. They were nominated for a Lambda Literary Award and ALAA Over the Rainbow Award for their gay thriller Straight Men published by Black Rose Writing, and they have also written an HIV exposé called Blood Criminals, published by Weasel Press. They also run the Furry Book Review program and facilitate the Leo Literary Awards.

This story deals with serophobia, which is the stigmatization and discrimination toward people living with HIV, and something the author has experienced themselves. Diagnosed with HIV in 2015, and taking a single pill a day, they are healthy and ‘undetectable’, which means they’re unable to transmit HIV even through unprotected sex. If you or someone you know is recently diagnosed with HIV, make sure to contact your local HIV/AIDS care network for early intervention services, and remember you’re not alone. There are friendly ghosts, too.

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.