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The Coaches' Corner - TFOCB Studios EPISODE 1, 30th August 2021
Coach Spotlight | Rene De Coning
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Coach Spotlight | Rene De Coning

Growing up in Johannesburg South Africa, Rene De Coning witnessed first hand the end of apartheid and sites it as an incredible experience to live through. After moving her family to London for a bit, they made their way to Chicago where they developed such a strong community of friends turned family. 

Rene tells how she went from a life in Corporate America working for an international oil company to coaching countless people through their personal and professional journeys. After leaving the oil industry for several reasons Rene explains further, she was invited to attend a coaching class by a friend and the rest is history. 

Going through her own struggles at the time, attending that coaching program transformed Rene and helped her process and work through some of the tragedies she experienced. 

“I don’t know that I would have had the skills to work through them if I did not firstly have my faith and secondly, have this training in being aware of myself and how I show up and deal with the adversity in my life.”

She goes on to explain the intricacies and behind the scenes of the world of coaching and how the governing bodies of “coaching” work. She gives a recommendation to those looking for a coach: “ find somebody that has a certification because you know that they have training and that they have a model and a structure under which they work that determines the ethics, the values and the eventual outcomes for people.” As someone who has coached with and without an education, Rene will be the first to tell you that there is definitely a difference; the education has made her a much better coach to her clients. 

Listen in as Ree talks about shifting energies, the foundations of the IPEC coaching model she practices, and more.