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How to Get Your Income Unstuck
Episode 50114th October 2022 • Financial and Lifestyle Freedom for UK Business Owners • Annette Ferguson
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As a business owner, you have to make sure that you are receiving your income regularly. This is a process that should be done with continuity so as not to be stuck on your business. With this, increasing your income will be done by being on the right track and deciding what will be the best for your business.

In today’s podcast episode, Annette will get us through your income and how to increase your take-home. Also, she will give further details about other expenses that you make on your business and Annette will share an exercise on keeping tabs on your money leaks

Highlights of this episode:

  • Two important things you need to increase your take home
  • How to make sure your expenses are delivering a positive return
  • Why do you need to be consistent with your growth strategy
  • What do you need to do to get your costs under control


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