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Podcast Domination Show - Luis Diaz EPISODE 154, 14th December 2020
Grow Your Email List With Your Podcast with Kennedy and Rob from ResponseSuite
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Grow Your Email List With Your Podcast with Kennedy and Rob from ResponseSuite

PDS #154

In this episode, we are going to talk to Rob and Kennedy of Response Suite and they are going to share how they’ve messed up on their two prior podcast shows, what they have learned from it and what they did to fix it. Now they have grown their email list through the integration of their tool, ResponseSuite and their podcast show. So, if you’re asking if you can grow your podcast with email marketing, make sure to not miss this episode.

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In this episode:

  • Hear the birth of the League of Marketing Heroes
  • The importance of having a script and timing of the Call to Action.
  • What are some of the best practices they do in their lead generation 
  • How do they move the listeners of their podcast into their email list
  • How do they use their podcasts episodes to pre-frame expectations and beliefs and have the people think before they can buy a product
  • Why did they ditch episode numbers in their podcasts
  • How does the ResponseSuite tool help in the segmentation of your email list


Hypnotic Marketing: A Collection of the World's Most Successful Hypnotic Marketing Techniques by Joe Vitale

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