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Sacred Changemakers - Jayne Warrilow EPISODE 54, 22nd March 2021
Episode 54 | Kneeling At The Fire's Edge with Tom Garcia
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Episode 54 | Kneeling At The Fire's Edge with Tom Garcia

Our guest on the podcast this week is Dr. Tom Garcia.

Tom is a shamanic teacher, mentor and spiritual guide with a unique gift for helping you to quickly and easily clear away the blocks that may be keeping you from reaching your dreams and experiencing peace and happiness now.

With the help of the mystical guides who led him to his own spiritual awakening, Tom’s powerful fire ceremonies gently lead you past fear and chaos, to the power of your inner spirit and the answers you seek. 

Listen in as Tom and I co-create sacred space to allow what wants to emerge to be spoken through us.

Tom speaks with grounded insight into what it means to be in the world today, what is being called from us and how the fire is a metaphor for life. He shares the profound way that ritual and fire breaks us open, leveling the playing field and encouraging us to “burn with our own intensity in life”. He speaks of reclaiming the sacred and how we are being led out of the illusion of the world into our own deep and abiding truth, that this connection begins within, to transcend the self so we can be sure to ourselves and help each other awaken.

This was a deeply sacred conversation that will help you to come home to yourself at your very core, to stoke the fires that lie deep within you, to stay grounded and connected no matter what’s happening around you. 

I hope you enjoy this awe-inspiring conversation as much as I did!

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