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White Male Allyship with Colette Phillips
Episode 4715th April 2024 • Entering The Inspiration Zone • Juliette Mayers
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Juliette talks with diversity powerhouse Colette Phillips about the untold narratives of white male allies in the movement for equity. Colette details the seven traits of culturally savvy anti racist leaders from her book, The Includers, as they delve deep into the uncharted territory of inclusion while challenging the status quo.

Colette brings her unique blend of cultural intelligence and heartfelt anecdotes from her own experiences as a trailblazer in the field.

Episode Highlights:

10:10 - I believe very strongly that one your network is your net worth and number two that people do business with people they know, people they like, and people they feel add value.

10:53 - Get Konnected was born out of a necessity to see diversity reflected in every room, at every event. Face-to-face networking, to me, is the backbone of creating lasting, valuable relationships – it's where opportunities are seized and solidified.

19:24 - If we are going to move the dial on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, in this country we cannot do so and exclude white men from the conversation or from the table, it just does not make sense.

22:32 - Eric and Bob's work behind the scenes illustrates the silent yet impactful role of allyship. Their efforts epitomize the courage and commitment needed to facilitate real change in our society.

29:00 - The concept of the '7 C’s of Inclusion'. Building bridges requires certain foundational qualities. It all starts with character — without it, you can't hope to genuinely promote diversity.


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