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An Introduction To The MTC Method And How You Can Get Your Brand Seen
Episode 818th September 2019 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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  • Growing your business doesn’t necessarily have to mean you want to earn lots of money or grow your team, it could just be that you want to lower your working days or you want to earn enough to take time off. Growing your business means creating the business that you want.
  • There are sections to the MTC method – get seen, get emails, get sales and get fans.
  • Each section is equally as important and they follow nicely on from one another.
  • Getting emails focussing on finding out who out of those that has seen you, is interested in what you have to offer. One of the best ways to do this is to get emails.
  • Where are you asking for sales? What are you doing to encourage them? Do you have sales pages? Are you doing webinars? Do you have client meetings?
  • There are so many incredible ways to get seen, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, blogs, guest blogging, speaking, live video, SEO, AdWords, Facebook Ads, your website, PR, networking and your branding.
  • LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses.
  • Try to focus on just a number of things, rather than trying to be all things to everyone. Consistency is much more important.
When it comes to getting seen you need to ensure you’re not forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do. If you’re not going to enjoy what you’re doing, it’s not going to work for your business as you will find you’re less likely to stick at it.
  • What Is the MTC Method? – 05:51
  • The MTC Method – 08:54
  • 10 Ways to Grow Your Audience and To Get More Customers In 10 Days – 12:13
  • How to Get Seen – 14:13
  • How I Get Seen – 22:45
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Speaker 1: (00:33)

Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. How are you doing? You know right before I got on this episode I was doing some work on upcoming episodes, looking at who we've got coming on the interviews and when they are and what episode they're going to be on and I can't actually believe I'm recording episode 81, it seems crazy. I've just sort of, obviously we have a folder for each episode on our shared drive. And I've literally just added a load more folders cause I'd run out and I've just literally gone up to a hundred and it feels like it's going to be there in no time at all. So I can't believe we're on episode 81 and I just wanna say thank you. Thank you so, so much for listening. And if you're new to the podcast, hello and welcome. Great to have you here!

Speaker 1: (01:22)

And let me just remind you guys what the podcast is about because obviously I went through a name change a little while back. It was, or it used to be Social Media Marketing Made Simple and now it's Marketing That Converts because I find that we were covering so much more than just social media. And actually where I really love sort of talking about and the things I think is super smart are things like funnels and ads and landing pages and sales pages and all the other good stuff and that it's not to say that I don't ever talk about social media cause I totally do. But I want to include that other stuff as well. And it was interesting, you know, when I was trying to come up with the name marketing that converts because at the same time I was trying to name my academy. And then from that I've since come up with now I shorten it sometimes because marketing that converts is point and my fault, I've shortened it to MTC, which I always get the wrong way round, which is embarrassing.

Speaker 1: (02:15)

Uh, normally I say MCT, but anyway, MTC and I've since come up with a method and a model. Now, I never intended on coming up with either of these things, but I'd worked with so many businesses over the years. I've been in marketing over 15 years. I did a marketing degree and I've worked with thousands upon thousands of businesses helping them to better market themselves. And I wanted to take some of that knowledge and, and some of that experience. And work out what makes some of those businesses really fly and really successful? And then some the aren't, what were the differences? Anyway, I ended up coming up with the MTC model, which interesting enough, I'm going to be talking about when I speak at MarketEd Live, that's going to be the first time I really present that to the world, which is going to be very excited if you haven't got a ticket. I think there are a few left, so do go check out MarketEd Live. I will put a link in the show notes. Just so you know, when I say there's a link in the show notes, what I mean is if you go to www.teresaheath-wareing all one word, so that's t, e, r, e, s, a, h, e, a, t, h, w a r, e, i, n, g, such a a forward slash and whatever number episode you're listening to, but the numbers in, so today it's going to be forward slash 81 ( Then you're going to find all the notes to do with this show. You'll find a transcription that we do every week and anything that I say I'm linking up is on that page. So I've got loads of other things that I haven't talked about. So there's going to be quite a lot on that page today so do go check that out. Anyway. So yes, I'm talking about the model that MarketEd Live, which is very exciting. And then from the model I came up with the method, again, I never intended to come up with either of these, but it was like, great, now you know how to structure your business, how do you actually do it? How do you actually then turn people who are prospects into customers into loyal fans? And that's why I came up with the MTC method. So anyway, today's episode, I didn't really mean to go on that rant. Actually. If you are new you'll get used to this. Um, hopefully. So I didn't think to go on about that at this point cause that's what I'm talking about today. Just a slight, slight introduction to the MTC method and one of the sections in it. Anyway, I meant to sort of say welcome and kind of give you an idea of what the podcast is about. Hopefully, I did that during that long ramble.


Also, if you are new to the podcast, I have been having a real push on trying to get reviews. It's one of those things that that's one of the many ways in which iTunes rank you, so therefore the more people that do reviews and write review, the more higher up I am in the rankings and more people hear about the podcast. So I would love it so much. If you haven't yet, please go and give me a review. Obviously I'd love five stars and write a review as well. So if you just go onto, if you're on an iPhone, you can go onto the podcast app, you put in a Marketing That Converts or my name, you'll then see the podcast, you click on it, scroll right the way to the bottom past all the episodes, and it'll show you my reviews and ratings and you'll be able to rate me. And also it says write a review and I'd be so, so very grateful. Thank you so much.


What Is the MTC Method?



Okay, let's get on with today's episode. So I've already alluded to the fact that I'm going to be talking about my MTC method. Now really quickly let me explain what this is. I created a four step process on how you can grow your business because like I said, it was great that I put together this structure and I felt really happy and clear in my mind that there was this structure about how you should structure your business. However, I wasn't actually telling you how to then do it or I wasn't actually telling you, how to get customers. So the method was really kind of like the hands-on. This is what you actually do type thing. Now, a couple of things to mention before I go into it anymore is first off, when I talk about growing your business, it doesn't have to be that you want to get loads of money or you want a massive team or a big office or to be, you know, in the top 500 inc companies or whatever it is.

Speaker 1: (06:37)

It could just be that you want to work four days a week or three days a week. It could be that you want to earn enough money that you can take six months of the year off, whatever it might be. So when I say growing your business, it's more about creating the business that you want. And inevitably it means kind of finding the customers that you want, the right customers, charging them the right amount of money, and having that constant flow of customers coming in so that you're not ever sat there thinking, 'Oh my goodness, where are the customers? I've got no one coming in, or no one in the pipeline.' So that's one thing that I wanted to just mention. The other thing, I'm not going to go into this too much on the MTC method because I did a masterclass a few months ago where I talked about this and I talked people through it and it was great.

Speaker 1: (07:23)

I got such lovely feedback from the people who attended and I'm going to be doing another master class and very soon, and I'd love you to get signed up for that. So on this masterclass, like I said, I will be taking you through the method every single step. I will be giving you tonnes of ideas in which to do each step. We're going to look at one of those steps. Then I'm going to give you some ideas, but yeah, the masterclass itself is going to be on September the 24th I always have varying times for you, so no matter where you are in the world, I am hoping there'll be a time that is going to work for you, so do check that out. If you go to, and I'm going to obviously put this in the show notes again, but you can also go to and you'll either have a waitlist signup, which also if you get on that it's great. I will let you know as soon as it's open or if it's open by the time you listened to this, then obviously you can just sign up straight away. But honestly it's going to be so good and I love doing live training. It's the one thing that.. Oh not the one thing. There's loads of things in my business that I love doing. But that for me is like one of the best things about I, if you've seen me do a live training before, you know I give away a tonne of content. I give lots of ideas because do you know what? I have done way too many live trainings and webinars that have wasted my time that I have thought, gosh this sounds good. I'm going to get some good stuff from this. And they've literally told me nothing. So that is not my aim at all.


The MTC Method


Speaker 1: (08:48)

Okay. So the first section of the MTC method is called Get Seen. And Get Seen is obviously at the beginning cause it's one of the most important things of the method. Well they're all equally as important as four of them Get Seen, Get Emails, Get Sales and Get Fans. So they are all equally weighted because you need each one of them. And basically the method walks people through what to do in each of those boxes. Because if you're not getting seen, if your key customers or prospects or anybody isn't seeing who you are and what you offer, then obviously you're never going to be able to get them to be a customer because they don't know you exist. So once they've seen you, the next section is they get emails. Now I call it Get Emails. But really what this is is a hand raiser.

Speaker 1: (09:35)

It's identifying from those people who have seen you, the people who are interested in taking it a bit further or who are interested in buying what you've got to sell. So get emails is really just them saying, yes, I'm interested. And one of the ways in which you do this is through asking for people's email addresses or it could be subscribers on a podcast or whatever. So, so that's an important step because again, the chances of someone just seeing you today on a Facebook ad or seeing you on a social media post or finding your website to then convert into a sale tomorrow is really unlikely. So you need to get them to take that step. So again, what are you doing in that box in order to get them to give their emails? Then you go into the next box onto the Get Sales.

Speaker 1: (10:18)

So again, where are you asking for these sales? What are you trying to do to encourage them? Are you doing webinars? Are you doing sales pages? If you're doing sales pages, how do they look? Is there the right content on them? Are you meeting objections? So there's the sales bit how you're going to actually ask them to get the sales. And it doesn't necessarily just need to be online stuff. It could be if you're writing a proposal or having a meeting and then the bit that most people forget, but actually it feeds back into the beginning is Get Fans. Once you've got someone who has purchased from you, how do you get them to love you and want to share from the rooftops how amazing you are. Now I'm very, very lucky that I've got some fabulous people in my academy already that are huge advocates of the academy.

Speaker 1: (11:06)

They are so pleased that they're in there. They'd been promoting it on social media and that's what I'm talking about. What are you doing to your customers to turn them into those fans? So in that sort of section, we might talk about adding value or doing those little extras or getting more personal with people. So for instance, when the academy opened the last time, it's shut at the moment it's opening again soon. When the academy opened and people purchased, I sent them all handwritten cards. I'm spoiling it man, because if you join when obviously I open it again, which I would love you to join, then you're going to know you're going to get a handwritten card. But it took me ages. Obviously I had to write loads of them and I wanted to write different stuff on every one. But that's the effort I was going to in order to really appreciate the people who were in there.


10 Ways to Grow Your Audience and To Get More Customers In 10 Days


Speaker 1: (11:50)

So I've talked you through those sort of things. I'm actually gonna put a picture of the full things up on the show notes page. So So you can have a look at that kind of visual. So I've put a visual on there for you as well. Now let's start with Get Seen and let's focus on that for today's episode because what I've done for you today is I wanted to explain what options you've got in the Get Seen and I'm literally going to fly through a load of them because there are millions of ways in which you can get seen and get your business seen. Then I want to talk to you about the things that I do and the focusing down on a number of things because even though there are loads of things you can do, it doesn't mean you need to do more because obviously we just won't have time or energy to try and do all that stuff.

Speaker 1: (12:42)

And then I have put together this amazing freebie for you, which if you haven't grabbed already, cause I have had it out for a week or so, but I did it in particular to go alongside this episode. I've put this amazing freebie together for you, 10 Ways To Grow Your Audience and Get More Customers in 10 days. And what I've done is every single day, I have given you something that I would like you to do, which is very simple, very straightforward. I talk you through how to do it. These are going to take minutes of your day and in most cases cost nothing and I want you to try each of these things and then at the end of those 10 days, you're then going to be able to have a look and go, actually, what worked well for me? What did my audience engage with best? What did they not engage with? What did I like doing? What do I now think I can do consistently? Because obviously, consistency is key.


How to Get Seen



So that's what we're going to be going through. Like I said, I've got that amazing freebie for you. You can either get it on the show notes or you can get it at So 10 as in the number and then ways. All one word, 10 ways. You can find that freebie there as well. Okay, so before I run...




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