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Don't Bite Your Friends!
Episode 131st March 2021 • PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE • Kelly Mitchell
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S1: E1: Fun Facts & Life Hacks | Don’t Bite Your Friends


Join us as we discuss how biting isn't always a good thing and how the zombie apocalypse is more likely than you think, especially for hunters in Colorado and Wyoming--You folks are ground zero.

Time Stamps


[00:32-Dangerous Baby Diva]

[04:48-Horror Movie Fan Girl]

[8:00-Perils of Biting]

[11:36-Perils of Eating People]

[19:10-Final thoughts]

[19:51-Outro & Asks]

Key Takeaways

*Biting gets you what you want; curb the urge

*Horror movies help your daughter stay a virgin

*Biting is dangerous, especially if a sex worker bites you

*Drunk men and children are biters--BEWARE

*Very real diseases in biting and eating humans--and meat

*Zombie apocalypse will start in Colorado or Wyoming

*Deer & Elk protein is the catalyst for zombie-related infection

*Humans may be on the menu yet

The Big Asks

Twitter: playing_da: Share me your disgusting child story and horror flick.

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Reference Links

Yo Gabba Gabba

We Are What We Are (movie)

Zombie Beavers (movie)

Shaun of the Dead (movie)

Ravenous (movie)

Silence of the Lambs (movie)

Biting Fact Checker Article

Cannibalism Fact Checker Article

Next Time...

I will be laying out my views on Cancel Culture for Politico and What The F was that week!