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E258: Spreading Your Message Through Public Speaking With Cam Barber
15th October 2018 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Cam Barber is a speaker, speechwriter, speaking coach and author of ‘What’s Your Message? Public Speaking with Twice the Impact using Half the Effort’. He shows leaders how to use vivid messages for greater success. He has developed corporate presentations for dozens of Top 100 companies and coached speakers, CEOs and other presenters to make their message more powerful. When he’s not speaking, coaching or writing, Cam consults on message management.

Quotes To Remember:

“One of the goals of public speaking is to think clearly and speak clearly.”

“Finding the right balance between notes and memorizing is a personal journey that you want to work out.”

“Every successful person who has a profile and a name that we know is great at messaging.”

“Whatever helps you think clearly and manage your anxiety or nervousness on stage is the right style for you.”

“Give yourself permission to think about what makes you feel comfortable. Do it, test it, and try it.”

“All anxiety is caused by uncertainty.”

“Learn to speak in messages and learn to stop when you are finished.”


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Get Better at Public Speaking
  • Remembering Key Points to Touch on Your Speeches
  • Are You Ready to Get on Stage?
  • Finding the Right Public Speaking Style for You
  • Tips on Using the Stage to Sell


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