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Singing The Blues : Sheffield Wednesday Podcast - Dom And James; Dom Howson; James Marriott EPISODE 42, 16th May 2020
...And now for the results of the Singing The Blues jury...

...And now for the results of the Singing The Blues jury...

So it *should* be Eurovision this weekend, so James decided to create his own...

He's scored countries on the strength of the nationalities of Wednesday players from over the years.

Who will get the all-important TWELVE .... and who will be left sobbing over nil-points?

Plus it's four years to the day since a sensational day out in Brighton for the play-off semi final - we have a good look back at that day, that match, and that 20 minutes of one-way traffic!

Remember, it's rubbish not having football - but our sacrifice is helping to save lives. Stay alert > Control The Virus > Save Lives.

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