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The New Importance of Natural Spaces with Dr. Lora Morandin
Episode 92220th June 2022 • Supply Chain Now • Supply Chain Now
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Pollination is the movement of pollen from the male parts of the flower to the female parts of the flower. It facilitates seed formation and fruit formation. Pollination happens in different ways for different types of plants: wind, gravity, and even with the help of animals.

Dr. Lora Morandin is the Western Canada Program Manager at the Pollinator Partnership. She has been doing research on bees and pollination since 1997, based on interest in native pollinator conservation and sustainable agriculture. She has consulted for government and industry on diverse ecological topics and is passionate about finding ways for production and conservation to co-exist in a healthy and sustainable environment.

In this interview with host Scott Luton, Dr. Lora Morandin talks about the threats facing some pollinators today and the steps that the Pollinator Partnership is taking to protect them and their habitats.

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