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11 | Eating Disorders & Neurodivergence
Episode 1113th May 2023 • Princess and the Pea Podcast • Annie Crowe
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Annie Crowe chats to the insightful and delightful Frances Brennan, an Autistic ADHD Speechie (aka Speech Pathologist) about her experience with disordered eating from a neurodiversity lens. 

In part 1 of 2 jam-packed episodes, Annie and Frances discuss everything from defining disordered eating to autistic communication differences, diet culture, weight stigma, autistic rules-based thinking, ADHD dopamine seeking, medical gaslighting, harmful psychological practices, sensory differences, social context of eating, PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance), late diagnosis, speech pathology in practice and so much more!

Together, they highlight the importance of understanding how neurodivergent brains see and interpret the world in a healthcare context, including defining what "ideal" eating disorder recovery really looks like for neurodivergent people.

Given eating disorders and mental health care is one of Annie's special interests, you will not want to miss this!

She enjoyed talking to Frances SO much that they have a double episode - this is what happens with two AuDHDers share their passion for helping people. Yay!

Enjoy! x

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