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The Mandalorian Chapter 6 - The Prisoner Review
8th January 2022 • The Credible Nerds • The Credible Nerds
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Join The Credible Nerds for a review of Chapter 6 - The Prisoner! Justin, Blake, and Nathan review this chapter as we are introduced to Mando's old gang who he used to run with back in his wild days. We follow Mando and the gang as they have to pull off a heist and break an old colleague out of prison.

We discuss the Mando's past and how he has moved on and grown as a person since then and how Baby Yoda is a positive influence on our hero.

Will Mando be able to pull off the job and fulfill his role in this heist? And of course, there's a double cross, so how will Mando get out of this one?

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